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Simple advice for a complex financial world


As an Investment Counsellor with BMO Private Wealth I work with successful business owners, professionals, and retirees. I remove the complexity of financial and investment management so they can focus their time on their businesses, their families, and everything else that is important to them.


My goal, is to empower clients with comprehensive and customized solutions, resolving complex situations through coordinated and proactive wealth plans.


Using a holistic approach, I collaborate with my colleagues in BMO Private Wealth to design integrated solutions that enable clients to achieve their personal wealth goals.


This approach saves you time and worry when making important decisions. You know your financial affairs are in order and remain on track to reach your goals throughout your life – the ultimate benchmark of success.


At BMO Private Wealth, you are surrounded by a team of experts that understands your needs and can help you prepare for opportunities and safeguard against risks before they arise. This intuitive, proactive approach to wealth management is at the heart of our award-winning service.


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