Rigorous, institutional-style investing

As an Investment Counsellor, I am qualified to provide discretionary portfolio management, which means:

  • I create a customized Investment Policy Statement for you that defines your objectives, risk tolerance and financial structure and sets asset allocation and diversification guidelines.
  • You entrust me to make investment decisions for you by faithfully adhering to this document and following my duty to act in your best interests.
  • Your trust empowers me to take advantage of opportunities and avoid risks without waiting for your permission on trades.
  • One single, asset-based fee includes all wealth planning and banking services. You may be able to deduct fees on non-registered investment accounts at tax time; consult your accountant.
  • I am completely transparent about all fees and costs.


BMO Private Investment Counsel takes an institutional approach to investment management, similar to that taken by large retail mutual funds, pension plans and major endowments and foundations.

  • This involves a high degree of structure and due diligence from the firm in terms of asset allocation, stock selection and investment oversight.
  • Securities are selected by very specialized, educated, experienced money managers with world-class credentials.
  • My job is to build your trust, learn what you need and use that information to design a portfolio that makes the most sense from a pool of carefully vetted securities while following an established, highly disciplined investment process.
  • I have the flexibility and tools to tailor your customized portfolio to you based on the personal information you share with me so that is designed to achieve your long-term goals.
  • If you have sold your business or practice, I will invest the proceeds to secure your retirement and to ensure your assets last. Your income-generating portfolio will create a stable, predictable and sustainable income flow when the time comes to retire. It will feel like a pension and provides you and your family with assurance and ease.