Helping women with tailored wealth management advice and investment options so you can spend with purpose

Whether you have been involved in managing wealth for many years or are new to the challenge, I can help you to become well-informed about the available options and plan proactively for your future success. Even if you feel unsure about the markets and investment terminology, I can help you to feel educated, informed, financially secure and well advised. With sensitivity and support, I will help you to plan intelligently and strategically to protect and grow your wealth with confidence and comfort.

I take pride in building the kind of trust that lasts for life by ensuring women are well cared for – on their own terms, following authentic values, and in a language and manner that resonates with the female perspective. I empower you with knowledge so you feel secure in your financial decision making abilities and together we can tailor a strategic plan to grow your wealth. 


Its time to have a conversation 


In an industry that has historically tailored itself to men, men have typically managed the household finances. Today, men and women often share the financial decisions equally. When women join the conversation, we address not just immediate concerns for wealth preservation, but also famillial concerns such as Will my parents be okay? How will we educate the kids? Are we protecting our wealth long-term? What’s the best way to involve the kids in managing money? which helps me to understand what their families truly want and need.
Having everyone's voice heard is ideal.