Integrated strategies for busy, multigenerational families.


  • Engaging the next generation. Advising ultra-high net worth ($10M+) and high net worth families ($1M+), I have discovered the challenges younger generations can experience in understanding and respecting significant wealth. When young people who are new to money management inherit the family fortune, they may become paralyzed by indecision or fear of making mistakes. They may also make uninformed decisions. Both scenarios can hamper the family’s long-term goals to nuture and build lasting wealth and compromise the family’s philanthropic goals.


Busy, affluent families need an advisor who is competent to recommend only the best, most customized ideas that are most suitable for them; help them make the wisest decisions and act on them; and ensure the younger generation learns the principles of wise asset stewardship as early as possible and to have a voice in the family’s financial decisions.


  • Complex tax planning. Working closely with the tax and estate planners at BMO Private Wealth, I can offer sophisticated strategies to maximize your wealth for generations to come. We offer trusts and other strategies as well as advice that can help you prepare proactively to manage taxable events and keep beloved vacation properties in the family.