First, I will meet with you to uncover your financial needs, circumstances, wants and objectives. During in-depth conversations, we will discuss a range of topics that are important to you and your family – from banking and investment goals to estate and tax planning, business succession, philanthropy, and legacy creation.


I will also work with your lawyer, accountant and family office to delve into your complete wealth picture.


In my unique role, I will recommend the ideal wealth professional for you from my extensive network to oversee and coordinate your complete wealth experience through a lasting relationship based on mutual trust and a shared commitment to your ongoing success. 


Your wealth professional and I will also recommend relevant BMO specialists to help you develop a comprehensive and customized wealth blueprint and provide multidisciplinary financial services that will evolve with your changing priorities.


Throughout the process, I will remain available to help you make key financial decisions and access solutions and services as needed from any corner of the BMO Private Wealth universe.