Money is all about opportunity. I can help you maximize both.


I specialize in providing strategic wealth advice to dynamic entrepreneurs. My services include disciplined portfolio management, complete wealth planning, and assistance in sourcing capital and maximizing opportunities to enjoy their success without waiting for their big liquidation event.
Entrepreneurs are the country’s movers and shakers. They create employment and grow our economy and it is a delight and honour to serve them. My comprehensive, goals-based wealth management services are tailored to their uniquely complex business and personal needs.
This complexity makes them fascinating. With their complicated scenarios, specialized needs, challenging personal decisions and lives that are bootstrapped around their businesses, entrepreneurs are the most underserved market.
I am the rare, experienced professional who specializes in bringing entrepreneurs the practical advice, services and financing they need. My extensive, diverse background includes portfolio management, risk management, security analytics, financial modelling, and building strong, long-term, multigenerational relationships. I have worked in corporate finance, private banking and investment management. This diverse perspective sets me apart: I understand base operations, can cut down potential roadblocks faster than most advisors, and talk to more partners one-on-one. This enables me to help ultra-affluent families fulfill their goals and helps entrepreneurs to source the capital that is their lifeblood.

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