Maximize growth, minimize tax and risk


I am an experienced Portfolio Manager with extensive experience in investment management and relationship building at the private client and institutional level. My team and I will get to know your personal and business needs in depth and bring you peace of mind strategically, always keeping your goals in mind. Keeping your best interests in mind, we will design an investment plan that evolves with you over time:

​First, as a framework, we set up a mandate based upon your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences and interests called an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We will work to understand the nature of your household, hierarchy and what your money is being saved for. Along the way we will provide you with education and finance theory to help you navigate the strange waters of the markets.

We earmark money for distinct purposes and determine a strategy to generate your desired results, factoring in inflation and ensuring that risk and volatility do not exceed a predetermined level.  

We will calculate the best asset classes to fulfill your goals year after year, combining the ideal percentages of publicly owned stocks and bonds and private assets as appropriate (alternative investments such as real estate, infrastructure, private debt and hedge fund-related securities). We will use whatever asset classes are necessary to fulfil your mandate without taking on more risk than we have agreed upon. Like pension fund managers, we analyze the stimulus on the table and inflationary forces that can impact hard and commoditized assets.  

We will operationalize your portfolio management like a business. This frees you to focus on the aspects of your life that are more interesting to you. The more money you have, the more decisions you are asked to make. Often, busy people make financial decisions in a vacuum without remembering what the money was for and what their end goal was. We will ensure that your stated objectives are a living, breathing benchmark.

When you sell your business or practice,we will manage the proceeds to secure your retirement and to ensure your assets are well invested for the long-term. When the time comes to step away from your company, we can create an income-generating portfolio to provide a stable, predictable and sustainable income flow that feels much like a pension.

We are qualified to offer discretionary investment services, which means that you can delegate your investment decisions to us and we will follow the parameters we set together and act in your best interests. You will get no calls to convince you why a certain recommendation is the right decision – we make the daily decisions for you:

  • This frees you from stress and frees you to focus on what you do best, while we are empowered to act quickly when opportunities or risks arise.
  • Using the unique parameters in your IPS as a roadmap, we will do all the day-to-day buying, selling, research and wealth planning for you.
  • You pay one single, asset-based fee and our interests are aligned because you and our team both benefit when your asset base grows.  


As part of BMO Private Investment Counsel, we offer an institutional approach to investment management, similar to that taken by large retail mutual funds, pension plans and major endowments and foundations.

  • The firm provides a high degree of structure, oversight and due diligence.
  • Securities are vetted by very specialized, educated, experienced money managers with world-class credentials. From this pool, we design a portfolio that makes the most sense for you following an established, highly disciplined investment process.
  • We have the flexibility and tools to tailor your customized portfolio for you that it is designed to achieve your long-term goals.    


We will look at several tax considerations,The larger your assets, the more you need to look at tax and decide the best strategies to​

  • Defer taxes
  • Manage the tax hit when you eventually draw capital out to spend,
  • Save inside your company to minimize tax
  • Declare an event such as taking a capital dividend or crystallizing latent capital gains to increase your capital dividend
  • Increase your net cash flow so you can enjoy some of your wealth in a tax-wise manner