What Should You Expect from Us?

Beyond customized portfolio management – the inherent skill sets of asset allocation and balancing risk against reward – you can expect a comprehensive financial roadmap through ongoing, strategic and practical advice that’s rooted in experience, discipline, and an eye on your short- and long-term objectives.


A Full Spectrum of Advice


Informed, ongoing guidance to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals

Wealth Management

Holistic, unbiased stewardship of your complete financial picture (financial, tax and estate planning; retirement and educational savings; insurance; philanthropy, etc.)


Professional services alliances, designed to connect you with a network of independent experts, including accountants, lawyers, lenders, and insurance experts


Unwavering focus on your long-term objectives to prevent the emotional ups and downs of investing


Information and resources to help you participate in – and maintain ownership of – your financial future


Ongoing touch points based on your personal needs – meetings, phone calls, email correspondence, etc.

Estate Planning

An effective action plan to ensure that your wishes are secured

Tax Planning

To ensure your financial plan is efficient, and your tax liability minimized


Clear consistent priorities, followed by regular monitoring, review and assessment

Risk Management

Identification, measurement and mitigation of investment risks, according to your risk tolerance parameters, to best preserve – and grow – capital

Insurance Consulting

Recommendations to maintain and protect your financial stability (including segregated funds, annuities, disability, critical illness and long-term care)

Retirement Savings

Comprehensive solutions to help you accomplish your aspirations for a successful and fulfilling retirement

Education Savings

Conversations about alternative options to saving and investing, like TFSAs, life insurance – and non-registered, trust or corporate business accounts


From industry trends to the specific macro and micro-economics factors that impact your individual financial plan, we keep you informed

The right Investment strategies to meet your needs.

An investment advisor can help you achieve your financial goals.

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