Tailored, nuanced and collaborative private banking services

As a Senior Private Banker with many years of experience and a passionately personal approach, I advise dentists, other professionals, business owners, executives and their families to simplify and enhance their financial journey.
By navigating intricate financial situations and structuring complex transactions, I guide my clients to enhance their net wealth and achieve their financial objectives, allowing them to dedicate more time to the activities they value most.
I was one of the very first bankers to initiate the practice of providing personalized, tailored, integrated services to help people manage the conflicts and challenges that can come with significant wealth and to benefit from bespoke offers, rates and solutions.

Bringing a highly personal touch to banking

As your dedicated Senior Private Banker:

  • I will take the time to listen and understand your circumstances, financial needs and goals for today and the future, become familiar with your situation and remain available to respond to your requests and concerns.

  • I will bring in a customized team of BMO Private Wealth professionals to offer expert advice, service and convenience, consolidating their advice with a holistic approach.

  • I will work with a Wealth Planner to help design a customized, integrated and proactive Wealth Plan that offers comprehensive solutions for complex situations.

  • We will regularly revisit this plan, so it adapts as you and your family, practice or business transition throughout life.

  • I will take care of your banking needs from day-to-day tasks to the most specialized matters.


Trust is my currency
I absolutely love my work and care deeply about people. My clients enjoy the rapport I build with them and can trust the specialists I bring to the table. Earning people’s trust and building comfortable, long-term relationships is the ultimate privilege and the hallmark of my success.

I work to:

  • Protect people from themselves and conflicting interests with their spouses,

  • Help them set up their properties and other financial affairs,

  • Guide them through confusing details during divorce,

  • Counsel families to make wise decisions in emotionally charged situations,

  • Get to know each member of the family and honour everyone’s confidences, and

  • Work with the second generation as their vision multiplies the family wealth and provide instrumental services during their growth and transformation. 


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