Advantages of BMO Private Banking

Advantages of BMO Private Banking


BMO offers clients exceptional benefits and I have a talent for explaining them, which makes all the difference. I can help you to decode BMO banking, borrowing and benefits and simplify these processes. 


Personal and commerical banking under one roof

Not all banks offer both personal and professional banking services. BMO offers professional credit solutions for dentists, doctors and other specialists for their medical clinic financing needs. You can enjoy the convenience of managing your family and practice banking all at the same firm.
In fact, we can serve multiple financial needs under one roof to save you time and money and guide you through all the red tape. For example, we can finance your dental clinic and the building in which it operates as well as provide your family’s mortgage and line of credit.
Special interest rates

Regardless of whether your account is held by you personally or by your holding company, professional corporation, or family trust, BMO offers unique and customized interest rates that are more competitive than other banks’. I can offer you special products to give you higher rates of interest in certain circumstances that are not available at the retail bank level or online.
Customized borrowing solutions

As an experienced BMO lending specialist, I work with you to create a customized borrowing strategy that aligns with your specific needs, helping you choose the right solutions to access the funds you need and reach your immediate and long-term goals.
I can also help you to secure financing through personal and professional holding companies, monetize investment holdings to free up cash, and fulfill other complex personal borrowing requirements.
Managing deposits and other services

BMO Private Banking offers competitive deposit and investment products, business cash management services, as well as services that provide you with easy access to your money. Whether you are looking for the latest in mobile apps to access your money, or spending time and owning property in the U.S., I can help.
Our unique deal team approach

To bring you the very best advice across BMO Financial Group, I will introduce you to your tailored deal team – custom-selected wealth planners, investment planners, tax experts, trust professionals, and succession planners – to design holistic, integrated solutions. You will enjoy their multidimensional advice at no charge. These planners have worked closely together for a long time and are in sync with me and each other. Most importantly, they place your interests first.
In short, there is no other option than BMO Private Banking. I will look after you and assemble the right team for you when you are ready.