Dentist Professionals

Advising dental professionals

Dentists may be so deeply entrenched in operating their practice that they don’t have the time or knowledge to manage complex financial scenarios. I can provide the relevant information and services you need at every stage of your practice.
As a lending expert, I can address your complete borrowing needs by providing:

  • Financing for your new dental practice or home,

  • A BMO® Medical Professional’s Line of Credit and credit cards at good interest rates,

  • A BMO® Medical or Dental Student Line of Credit to help you manage medical school debt effectively,

  • Business mortgages, and

  • Capital financing and cash flow management. 


Working with other BMO specialists in my network as needed, I can help you to:

  • Build a comprehensive wealth plan that grows along with you.

  • Incorporate your practice if you haven’t already done so.

  • Set up a smart cash flow strategy.

  • Structure your income; e.g., draw a salary and/or a dividend.

  • Understand how current tax regulations affect you and plan for tax efficiency.

  • Run your practice like an efficient business (like many business owners, dentists often neglect this).

  • Manage your portfolio proactively; good returns can be especially important for dentists with high expenses. We will allocate your assets in a diversified manner, aiming to protect your portfolio from market volatility.

  • Help you plan for retirement without relying on the sale of your practice.

  • Become a very good steward of your assets and build lasting wealth with intergenerational strength.

  • Learn how to evaluate your performance statements.

  • Stay informed about the markets and your finances.

  • Help you manage your dental corporation, RRSP, corporate accounts, real estate, and other holdings.

  • Objectively measure the value of your practice and sell it. You ARE your practice, so we help you answer questions such as how and when to divest, and how to transition wealth to support your loved ones and charities. 


Respecting your limited time, I offer convenience:

  • I will meet with you at your place of business if you prefer.

  • Alternatively, we can use Microsoft Teams and other remote video conferencing.