As an Investment Counsellor at BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc., I offer professional investment management expertise and advice to help retirees, professionals, business owners and executives, and their families to enjoy and simplify their wealth management needs.

I spend time getting an in-depth understanding about what a wealthy life means to you – your priorities on family, work, lifestyle and money. Then, with a passionate, experienced team of wealth management professionals, I create a customized, investment plan that can adapt to external conditions and personal transitions. 

This approach saves you time and worry when making important decisions. You know your financial affairs are in order and remain on track to reach your goals throughout your life – the ultimate benchmark of success. BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc. – one of Canada’s oldest and largest investment counselling firms – is the investment arm of the BMO Private Banking group and manages over $30 billion in assets. 
As my client, you will benefit from having me as a dedicated Investment Counsellor, backed by our award-winning investment platform. We offer discretionary investment management services, and our institutionalized decision making process ensures you get the highest standard of professional expertise, and keep your investment decisions aligned with your goals.


我將花時間深入了解您的財富對您的意義——您在家庭、工作、生活方式和金錢方面的優先事項。 然後,透過一個充滿熱情、經驗豐富的財富管理專業團隊,我會創建一個定制的、能夠適應外部條件和個人過渡階段的投資計劃。
在做出重要決定時,這個計劃可以助您省事省心。 您知道您的財務狀況將井井有條,並與您想實現的人生目標保持一致,這是成功的最終基準。 BMO私人投資顧問公司(加拿大最具歷史和最大的投資顧問公司之一)是BMO私人銀行集團的投資部門,管理著超過300億加元的資產。
作為我的客戶,您將受益於我作為一個專門的投資顧問,所得到的獲獎投資平台的支持。 我們提供全權委託投資管理服務,我們的制度化決策過程確保您能得到最高標準的專業知識,並使您的投資決策與您的目標保持一致。