Proactive Wealth Planning

After gaining a deep understanding of your goals and priorities for your family, work, lifestyle and money, I will anticipate your needs and present relevant and tailored solutions. The benefits of wealth rarely come without complications, and affluent families often underestimate the emotional complexity of their wealth issues. My role is to challenge you to prepare in advance for difficult considerations and times of transition.
Some examples of proactive planning for life events/stages include:

  • Retirement & cash flow planning – you have worked hard to grow your wealth. Our comprehensive wealth planning expertise will help you understand how to draw income in retirement in a tax efficient manner.

  • Business advisory and succession planning – if you’re a business owner our team is happy to help you adequately plan the future sale and transition of your business.

  • Simplifying your assets – consolidating your accounts to BMO Private Wealth often reduces your stress as you will have cohesive investment and retirement plan.

  • Estate planning – discussing your intentions for how your assets should be distributed and managed upon your passing.We provide complimentary consultations with our estate planner.

I work with a team of BMO professionals to identify issues that may arise given your current circumstances, create a list of recommended strategies to enhance your overall situation, and introduce you to the right advisors and integrate their advice into your cohesive long-term plan.

Working with wealth planners, tax planners, Will and estate planners, business succession experts, and estate and insurance advisors, I can provide: