Business Owners

Astute strategies for all stages of your business lifecycle

We advise mature entrepreneurs who wish to transition the value they’ve built to benefit their family and personal lifestyle.

Investment management

We have great respect for business owners who have spent time, faced risks and worked hard to build a business. Applying our investment experience, high-quality credentials and partnerships with professionals vetted for excellence, we bring you customized advice and a comprehensive suite of strategies to help you preserve and grow your wealth and reap the rewards of your efforts.

  • We can assist you to determine how much you need to set aside to retire comfortably and then divest successfully. We will bring in BMO Private Banking specialists to help you:

    • Plan your Will and estate,

    • Optimize tax strategies, and

    • Invest the proceeds from your divestiture to fund your retirement and achieve other personal goals. 

  • Before we invest your assets, we will get to know you and your business very well. We will learn what drives you and your company, your vision of the ideal retirement, your personal and professional goals, and your lifestyle priorities.

  • Whatever your growth targets, we will set realistic expectations and then put a full-circle wealth plan into place to put you on track to reach your goals at all stages of your business.

  • We will select the right investments to generate a regular income stream and look for buying opportunites. 

  • We work in collaboration with your accountant to understand the net impact of your investments and wealth plan with a goal of tax optimization. For Example: "Looking to the benefits of an appropriately structured corporately-funded life insurance enables us not just to defer tax, but eliminate accrual tax on surplus passive investments going forward, and extract these balances on a tax-preferred or tax-free basis to the next generation.” Stuart Clark, MTax, TEP | Estate and Insurance Advisor 

Succession planning considerations can include:

  • Determining the optimal capital required to step away from the business and retire.

  • Estate equalization solutions to help you bequeath an equitable amount to each of your beneficiaries when some of them are involved in your business and others are not.

  • We will help you hire business valuators from Major Accounting Firms to assess the value your business and find qualified buyers.

  • In collabortation with your current accountant, we will help you prepare the company for sale to maximize its worth.