When it comes to your future, trust matters most.

Who We Are

My team and I provide seasoned investment management advice and services to help a diverse group of affluent professionals, business owners, executives, senior, widows, widowers and their families to enhance, protect and simplify their wealth.

We add the most value and offer the greatest rewards when working with clients who are open to receiving guidance through multiple aspects of their financial lives rather than just their portfolio management. Our full-circle approach helps to forge the strongest relationships, which are key to optimizing outcomes.

Managing wealth for all members of the family is a hallmark of our practice. We are privileged to advise our clients’ sons, daughters and parents and seek opportunities to address their needs in ways that resonate with each generation.

How We Help

Trust is our principal currency. Clients trust our sincerity, integrity, knowledge and experience – it is what they tell us they appreciate most about working with our team. Earning your confidence is paramount to us. We will prepare you for what’s coming, tell you when the markets are down and when you shouldn’t touch your portfolio, and review potential scenarios. By asking “What will we do when X happens? How will you feel? How will you react?”, we can mutually agree in advance to stay the course even through stormy waters.

We will create a full Wealth Plan with a network of experts on our extended team of BMO Private Wealth specialists. By wrapping our arms around each client in this way, we can manage the complexities that accompany significant wealth, build incredibly strong relationships, and come to be seen as part of their clients’ families. This is how we can really stay on top of things and deliver the best results.

As a Portfolio Manager, I offer discretionary wealth management. This frees you from having to make daily investment decisions. Learn more about the many other advantages of my investment approach here.