Disciplined Portfolio Management

To bring my clients the best possible investment strategy, I collaborate closely with the leading Portfolio Managers at the BMO Investment Committee. These top professionals focus 100% of their time and expertise on selecting securities and deciding the best moments to buy and sell them. Our role is to choose the best of their portfolio options for you and customize them to fit your unique needs and our team’s recommendations.
As an Investment Counsellor, I am:

  • A specialist in advising high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients.

  • Obliged to follow an established, highly disciplined investment process.

  • Supported by a high degree of due diligence in asset allocation and stock selection by world-class money managers who oversee my portfolios.

  • Limited to advise a small number of clients so I can spend more time serving your needs.

We are qualified to offer discretionary services, which means that you can entrust us to make your investment decisions following the parameters we set together and our duty to act in your best interests.

  • This frees you from stress and frees you to focus on what you do best, while we are empowered to act quickly when opportunities or risks arise.

  • ​We will create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that details your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences and interests.

  • Using the unique parameters in your IPS as a roadmap, we will do all the day-to-day buying, selling, research and wealth planning for you.

  • You pay one single, asset-based fee and our interests are aligned because you and our team both benefit when your asset base grows.

BMO Private Investment Counsel is one of Canada’s oldest and largest investment counselling firms. It is the investment counsel arm of BMO Private Wealth and manages over $30 billion in assets. Our team is backed by BMO Private Investment Counsel’s award-winning investment platform. Their institutionalized decision-making process ensures you get the highest standard of professional expertise and keep your investment decisions aligned with your goals.
We take care to speak to you at your knowledge level, taking complex concepts and putting them into simple, clear terms. We will take the time to make sure you understand our services and recommendations.
Most of our clients don’t have the time or interest to hear all the details of our asset allocation, financial analysis and portfolio management process, but if you want a bit more detail on our approach, just ask.
Clients appreciate our transparent statements, which are detailed and clear. You can see your exact rate of return and where your assets are allocated. We deliver a very high level of reporting along with proper guidance on how to read your statements.