Discretionary Portfolio Management

Private Investment Counsel Platform

As my client you will receive discretionary portfolio management, which means that myself and our Private Investment Counsel team is qualified to make all your day-to-day investment decisions with a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest. This frees you from stress and empowers me to act quickly when opportunities or risks arise. I will create an Investment Policy Statement – a customized document that sets down unique parameters such as your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences and interests – which I use as a roadmap. 
BMO Private Investment Counsel is one of Canada’s oldest and largest investment counselling firms and the investment arm of the BMO Private Banking group. It manages over $35 billion in assets and provides me with a full team of professionals behind the scenes who:

  • Perform the appropriate research and make astute recommendations for all components of your portfolio.

  • Assist me with asset allocation to achieve your desired growth targets while minimizing risk by seeking strong risk-adjusted returns.

  • Perform tactical asset allocation – adjusting your portfolio in a timely fashion when your circumstances or market conditions change.

  • Help me to preserve capital to ensure your family enjoys long-term, multigenerational success.

  • Follow an award-winning, institutionalized decision-making discipline to ensure you get the highest standard of professional expertise and to keep your investment decisions aligned with your goals.

  • Access world-class asset managers to help me build a diversified portfolio that anticipates your needs and responds to risks and opportunities. Their institutionalized decision-making approach to money management ensures we always apply top-in-class expertise to your portfolio.

Multigenerational advice 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is working with the heirs and parents of my clients. I advise all generations of a family, helping the young heirs to begin investing and learn the basics of sound wealth management and helping the seniors to maximize their retirement income and plan meaningful legacies.

Advising entrepreneurs and professionals

BMO Private Wealth has very strong wealth planning capabilities for business owners and medical & legal professionals. Our business succession advisory team will help you to plan wisely at all stages of your career to help you grow, maximize and divest your practice or company, whether you are transferring to a family member or selling to a third party.

Understanding and maximizing executive compensation

I have extensive experience with executive compensation platforms and can help you to understand the complex components of your pay package. On top of salary, components can include stock options, Restrict and Share Units (RSUs) and other structures. I will help you decode and mange your compensation package.

Philanthropic strategies

With a good understanding of the various strategic philanthropy options available to you, I can help you meet your charitable giving desires while maximizing the tax advantages. Ask me about the benefits of donating securities and advance legacy planning.

Private Banking

I will introduce you to a dedicated Private Banker who will focus solely on providing you and your family with distinctive, personalized guidance at all stages of life, whether your needs are straightforward or complex. Your Private Banker will proactively provide coordinated, customized services and help you navigate through all the many banking, borrowing, financing and corollary financial services of BMO Financial Group.