Nikki Holden

Senior Private Banker

Tel: 403-503-5962
Tel: 403-404-2138


BMO Private Wealth
525 8th Ave SW
9th Floor
Calgary, AB
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Trusted and sophisticated family office services

Trusted and sophisticated family office services

I serve very busy, affluent clients who need banking services with international scope and multigenerational wealth management. They include ultra-high net worth families, medical professionals, doctors, dentists, and C-suite executives.
To earn the privilege of being their trusted Senior Private Banker, I forge strong relationships with my clients and their families and act as their single point of contact to the vast resources of BMO Private Wealth, delivering white-glove service.
Combining sophisticated business acumen, extensive lending and wealth management experience and a reliable team, I can manage all your financial matters – from the simple to the complex – in your best interest, quickly and accurately.
Tailored solutions. Constant care.
I will craft customized solutions for your unique needs and strive to streamline all the moving parts of your financial life. Contact me 24/7 and I’ll ensure you have everything you need for yourself, your loved ones and your business.

Rely on me to deliver:
  • Tailored private banking and wealth management services for your holding companies, numbered companies and family personal wealth management needs
    • Experienced oversight and service for your everyday banking and wealth planning
    • Highly customized borrowing and joint banking solutions
    • Navigation through intricate financial situations
    • Complex transaction structuring
    • Customized deposit services
    • Services to transfer rental properties into a numbered company
  • Insurance lending for medical professional corporations or holding companies
    • Leveraged life insurance deals (loans against life insurance cash surrender value)
  • Customized mortgages
    • For vacation properties, sons’ and daughters’ homes, company real estate and all related banking services
  • International and cross-border banking services
    • Available 24/7 to accommodate all time zones
    • Introductions to my U.S. banking and wealth management team
  • Advanced, encrypted BMO Private Banking technology
    • Accomplish everything electronically – even sign documents in the comfort of your home or remote vacation property
  • Close liaison with your lawyers and accountants:
    • Integration of their recommendations into your Wealth Plan
    • Assistance navigating their advice. 

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