Multigenerational services

Multigenerational services. To preserve your family wealth and help your second generation.

Working together with a team of professional experts at BMO Private Wealth, we will create flexible wealth plans for your unique situation.
Estate planning

  • Our aim is to help you transfer wealth to the next generation tax-effectively. I will work closely with BMO wealth planners to help you and your family.

  • We can address complex issues such as equalization of company assets and concerns about divorce and remarriage impacting inheritances.

  • About 80% of families fail to maintain long-term wealth because their heirs spend all the funds too quickly and have not learned how to manage money responsibly. By connecting with the whole family, we will help to instill the principles and practices of wise wealth stewardship.


Open communication

  • Families who maintain intergenerational wealth tend to communicate well, so I work to ensure all parties are speaking openly to one another.

  • Many business owners fail to share details about what they own and what their loved ones will inherit. I will help you involve your family members and keep organized records of your assets so that your loved ones can easily access their inheritance.


Multigenerational services


  • I can help your children to save up for a first car or first home, start to invest, invest for their kids’ education, and manage the executor process for your estate (or engage BMO Trust Company to provide executor services).

  • I will help your parents with legacy planning, help them generate a steady income from their investments, and bring in experts to manage their account and plan their estate.

  • If you have lost a spouse and suddenly must look after the family finances, we will guide you through this difficult transition, help you manage your assets, and simplify the process with compassion.