Taking care of your business and family


I work with you at every stage of your business cycle. As a business owner, I can: 

  • Bring you access to banking, lending, financing, and point-of-sale payment solutions, plus full wealth planning services.

  • Invest the reserve funds in your holding or operating companies or professional corporation.

  • Help you withdraw money tax-effectively from your holding or operating companies.

  • Manage cash flow requirements for your daily operations and growth trajectory.

  • Manage other complex business challenges and personal wealth planning needs.

  • Guide you through divestiture and succession planning.

  • Collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, and tax advisors to:

    • Understand the tax implications of your investments and wealth plan.

    • Help you structure your company and its shares to maximize your tax planning.

    • Maximize legal tax optimization strategies.


Getting started with your business transition and succession plan


It can be overwhelming to think about what you want out of your business when you retire or are ready to transition your business, but I can help you figure out what you want to achieve, and the key decisions you’ll need to make.

When you’re ready, I will take the time to understand your family business and support you through this personalized process including:


  • Education on the sale or succession planning process;
  • Integrated tax planning;
  • Valuation considerations and insights;
  • Risk management strategies;
  • Family dynamics;
  • Family and business governance matters;
  • Asset protection strategies;
  • Pre-sale strategies and structuring;
  • Business transition planning;
  • Wealth transition planning conversations.