Managing Your Wealth

Our Process

  • We spend time getting an in-depth understanding about what a wealthy life means to you – your priorities on family, work, lifestyle and money.

  • Then, with a passionate, experienced team of wealth management professionals, we create a customized, investment plan that can adapt to external conditions and personal transitions. 

  • Next, we create an asset allocation strategy, investment portfolio and Wealth Plan, tailored to your needs.

  • We will regularly monitor your portfolio and Wealth Plan and make adjustments as needed when changes occur in your life or the markets. This approach saves you time and worry – you know your financial affairs are in order and remain on track to reach your goals throughout your life.

  • Ongoing collaboration with a network of BMO specialists provides full-circle, integrated planning and solutions for multiple financial matters.

  • You will receive monthly statements and we will schedule regular meetings to report your progress against your benchmark goals and to discuss capital market events and request for proposal bids.