Advising diverse entrepreneurs

We advise a diverse group of business owners across all industries, from tech enterprises to manufacturers. I am married to a business owner and understand the emotional side of operating and transitioning a business beyond the dollars and cents. We can help to minimize anxiety and stress through all business lifestages and help you to make sound financial decisions.
We can also help to:

  • Optimize your after-tax proceeds.

  • Put in place an ideal structure to:

    • minimize tax, liability and anxiety,

    • provide creditor protection,

    • plan philanthropic strategies and multigenerational considerations such as estate equalization, and

    • ensure family continuity and positive relationships.

In short, we will help you achieve whatever is most important to the succeeding business owner or the owner being succeeded.
Business succession planning
Considerations can include:

  • Determining how much you need to step away from the business and retire.

  • Estate equalization solutions to bequeath an equitable amount to each offspring when only some are involved in your business.

  • Help in hiring business valuators.

  • Help in finding the right buyer:

    • Help in interviewing and consulting with prospective buyers.

    • Guide you in the negotiation process.

    • Help to prepare the company for sale to maximize its worth.

Borrowing and financing
Need to borrow money or source capital for your business? We will liaise with our network of Private Bankers, lending specialists and corporate finance specialists to connect you to the right financing opportunities according to your level of need:

  • Business Banking (below $1M)

  • Commercial Banking ($1 to $10M)

  • Corporate Finance ($10 and over).