Connecting you to customized wealth advice and solutions at BMO Private Wealth

As an expert in Private Banking, I aim to simplify and assist in navigating intricate financial situations and to structure complex transactions customized for you.

As a Private Banker at BMO Private Wealth, I focus on advising professionals, business owners and executives. Working with our Wealth Team and BMO Partners I look to add value in making financial decisions & assisting them in working towards their financial objectives, allowing them to dedicate more time to the activities they value most.


I take a holistic and relationship-based approach - listening and understanding your circumstances, financial needs and goals. Our team & professionals offer high-level service, unparalleled advice and convenience - driving our approach from the way you like to do business. We look to uncomplicate your day-to-day and more specialized needs while taking advantage of our integral, customized, integrated wealth plans. These live documents continue to adapt as you and your family transition throughout life.


I look forward to the opportunity to work for you and your financial future. 

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