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Whether you have had many years of robust involvement in managing wealth or are a widow or divorcee who is new to the responsibility, you want to be proactively involved in planning for your future success and well-informed about the options available to you and your family.
I am a working professional with two young adult children and a deep passion for ensuring women are well cared for – on their terms, following authentic values, and in a language and manner that resonates with them. As the sole female Investment Counsellor at BMO in Edmonton, I offer you the sensitivity and support to help you to plan intelligently and strategically to protect and grow your wealth with confidence and comfort.


Maya Patrie Inauguration Speech from filmr on Vimeo.

Three lessons from my journey: How authenticity, mentorship, and ‘the human side’ led to becoming the President of The Derrick.

“Mommy, why can’t you do that?”
I can vividly remember my daughter asking me this question, even though it happened several years ago. She was about ten years old, and we were walking by the wall of past presidents at The Derrick Golf and Winter Club.
The photographs go all the way back to the Club’s founding in 1959. I’m proud to say that the most recent headshot is mine.
As the first President to come from a diverse background, I recognize I am now part of the Club’s history — and I have an opportunity and a responsibility to pave the way for the future. 
I’m sharing my story with that goal in mind: helping others to find their own path as I’ve found mine.
Follow the path that fits you.
From childhood, we were always taught to volunteer. I’ve watched my kids grow up in the Club, my family loves being a part of the community, and the Board provides me with the opportunity to give back.
I was also raised to believe in the importance of continuous learning, and my board work offers this too. I get to meet different people, learn their perspectives, and offer my own. It's a constant evolution for me.
The lesson: If you’re struggling with finding your path, look to your core values.
The work I’ve done while on the Club’s Board — from creating a DEI Committee to put policies and training in place, to hosting a President's Cocktail Reception to build connections — has all been driven by my values. I do things I think will resonate with people, while keeping to who I am. 
It is said that birds of a feather flock together, and whether in my board work or in my business, I have always attracted people who are like minded. That’s the beauty of following the path that fits you: you get to be your authentic self, and if you stay open and approachable, you won’t be alone for long.
Find your mentors (without looking for them).
When I first set out to join the Board at The Derrick, I wasn’t thinking about becoming president. It was during my first elected term that I was approached about going the executive route. Having mentors who recognized my contributions (you have to put in the hard work!) and encouraged me towards leadership was critical to my journey. 
I’ve been fortunate to have mentors throughout my life. My nearly thirty-year career in financial services from an Investment Representative, to a Financial Planner, to my current role as an Investment Counsellor — has been shaped by their guidance. I’ve learned that finding your mentors isn’t about openly going out and searching for them; the relationship has to evolve naturally, from an authentic connection and mutual respect.
I like to chat, I love learning about people, and from that people just want to help. So work hard, be yourself, allow those relationships to develop, and foster them when they do. We all need a little guidance on our journey.
Don’t forget the human side of things.
A lot of my role as President is about relationships, personalities, and emotions — or, as I like to call them, the human side of things. Some people downplay these as ‘soft skills,’ but I see them as critically important. If you don’t take the time to get to know people, you won’t know how to nurture them.
Leading a board meeting, for example, I take into consideration the different personality types in the room. The bright but shy individual might need encouragement to speak, but I know with a bit of support, they'll have a lot to say. As a leader, it’s my job to help everyone shine.
And I believe every role has a human side. As an Investment Counsellor — a career which many people think is all about numbers — I have met many new, nervous clients who feel they lack the necessary financial acumen to make decisions about their future. It’s my mission to make them feel comfortable, get to know them on a personal level, and build understanding from where they’re at. Anyone can have the financial background, but not everyone has the emotional intelligence to go with it. ‘The human side’ is what sets me apart.
My daughter, now a young adult, will be graduating from university this year with a Bachelor of Commerce. Having seen that my work is about helping people, I’m very proud to say she wants to follow in my footsteps. Maybe one day she’ll have her photo added to a wall, too — but the path is hers to make.