About me

Margarete Cacheino

Private Banker

Margarete Cacheino has more than 20 years of experience helping people to manage their banking, home equity lines of credit, debt consolidation, credit cards, mortgages and commercial banking. Working beside Toronto’s University Health Network, Margarete specializes in providing exceptionally personal service to time-strapped physicians, surgeons and other professionals. She adapts herself to their schedules, even going to their hospitals when documents need signing. Margarete enjoys helping physicians from their first day of medical school, through the years as they become practicing physicians and as their personal lives evolve.
To fund her dream of becoming a chef, Margarete joined BMO right after high school and attended Liaison College for Chef Training and Culinary Arts part-time. But she soon discovered that her true passion was helping people. Margarete is committed to do what’s best for her clients and puts their needs first. She is very approachable, so clients tell her everything about their lives and she can find the best solutions by ensuring people are happy and reliably getting everything done. Margarete has won several BMO Annual Best of the Best Awards for excellent service. Clients often call her the “Bank of Margarete” and some have specified in their divorce contract that both spouses retain the right to continue working with her.
After more than 15 years as a Senior Financial Services Manager at BMO, Margarete was promoted to Private Banker in 2020 to serve a more exclusive and affluent circle of clients. What makes her most proud is the fact that she still retains many clients from her very first day at the bank.
Margarete was born in Portugal and is fluent in Portuguese. She came to Canada as a young child. Margarete enjoys travelling the world with her partner and being a devoted aunt to her two nephews.  For fun and stress relief, she revisits her early love of cooking and baking.