Hill & Associates specializes in managing reserve funds, sinking funds, life-cycle funds and providing conservative wealth management for discerning institutional clients. These clients include hospitals, hospital foundations, medical and research associations, industry groups and lobbies, registered charities and other not-for-profit organizations, family trust funds, and large estate accounts.

From bespoke portfolio construction and management to deeply integrated business planning services and all manner of financial counsel, we are here to help.

To provide full-circle institutional wealth services, our team will:

  • Work with you to analyze your financial statements and cash flows as we determine the proper strategy and asset allocation.
  • Develop a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Collaborate with your executives to implement a plan, report back on your portfolio performance and report to the Board and your Annual General Meetings, including an economic outlook.
  • Perform cash flow planning, analyzing when you need money and where to allocate it to provide liquidity as needed.
  • Work very closely with your other professional advisors such as corporate accountants, lawyers, and finance and audit committees.
  • Advise regarding your other investment decisions, such as whether to borrow or spend, and helping you to structure strategies for upcoming activities.
  • Assist professionals with succession planning and the sale of their business or practice. We will ensure that funds are structured appropriately and help you save on taxes and move money between generations, using tools such as an Individual Pension Plan, estate freeze, and more.

Family trusts and estates

We manage money for family trusts and large estates in the interim period before distribution takes place. Following a very structured and advanced process, we consult with other professionals and manage the assets through intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning. We will also help to distribute the funds at the appropriate time.

Institutional banking and borrowing

Taking full advantage of Jeff Hill’s strong experience as a corporate international banker, we can counsel your organization regarding credit and banking matters. When you wish to borrow or source venture capital, we will liaise with our network of BMO Private Wealth Private Bankers, lending specialists and corporate finance specialists to connect you to the right financing opportunities according to your level of need:

  • Business Banking (below $1M)
  • Commercial Banking ($1 to $10M)
  • Corporate Finance ($10 and over).

We can also connect you with banking and financing professionals who specialize in certain industries.

Account options

Hill & Associates works with institutional clients through one of two account options. Let’s discuss the one that is best for you:

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program brings you access to institutional-calibre investment managers, enhanced diversification and active portfolio oversight. Your portfolio is rebalanced quarterly to maintain your objectives and year-end tax harvesting minimizes tax reporting. This account allows us to combine various managers with different specializations and to use mutual funds for some categories that are not large enough in the portfolio to warrant using individual stocks or bonds. The mutual funds are held in the same account as your managed stocks or bonds, according to your unique parameters. Finally, this account even allows us to use low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) to build broad diversification at a very low cost.

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program provides your portfolio with a flexible combination of individual securities, ETFs and mutual funds. In collaboration with you, we will structure portfolios with the characteristics necessary to achieve strong performance over time. Investment management fees are fully disclosed, and you have access to Gateway, our online account access portal, which allows you to view your portfolio online at any time. The goal is to put you and our team on the same side of the table, so that we are aligned in achieving your stated objectives.