Our Services

The highest standard of objectivity. The right choice for you.

Serving your best interest means offering an unbiased range of investment solutions; taking the time to explore new opportunities; and accessing both internally and externally managed strategies – including world-class managers from around the globe. Tailored to your family’s specific risk profile and goals, the right choices are informed by a depth of experience, proprietary research and ongoing evaluation, designed to efficiently, and prudently, manage your portfolio of capital for generations to come.

Disciplined Approach: An optimal balance of internal and external boutique investment managers based on macroeconomic analysis and unique client objectives

Competitive Fees: Scale, scope and buying power to negotiate fees with third parties

Continuous Oversight: Rigorous due diligence and dedicated research across our platform based on investment policy and management committee standards

Strong Performance: Proven track records for selected managers over an extended period

Broad Diversification: Asset allocation strategies and opportunities that offer different approaches/styles to optimize long-term return potential and manage risk

Cross-Border Expertise: Global resources and bench strength used to inform investment decisions

Streamlined Reporting: Investment management from a trusted and centralized source