Private Banking Services


We will introduce you to a Private Banker who can simplify and enhance your financial journey. Navigating intricate financial situations and structuring complex transactions, this professional will help you manage the challenges that can accompany significant wealth and bring you bespoke rates and solutions.
Your dedicated Private Banker can:
Take care of your daily banking needs. They will simplify everything from your day-to-day banking to the most specialized matters.
Help you access capital. When you wish to borrow money or source venture capital to expand your practice or business, your Private Banker will network with BMO Private Wealth lending specialists and corporate finance specialists and connect you to the right financing opportunities according to your level of need.

  • Business Banking (below $1M)

  • Commercial Banking ($1 to $10M)

  • Corporate Finance ($10 and over)


Offer personal and commercial banking under one roof. BMO offers professional credit solutions for doctors and other specialists for their medical clinic financing needs. You can enjoy the convenience of managing your family and practice banking all at the same firm.
In fact, BMO Private Wealth can serve multiple financial needs under one roof to save you time and money and guide you through all the red tape. For example, we can finance your medical clinic and the building in which it operates as well as provide your family’s mortgage and line of credit. The only kind of loan we cannot offer is major capital financing for an operating company such as a restaurant or store, but we can introduce you to the right investment bankers.
Arrange for special interest rates. Regardless of whether your account is held by you personally or by your holding company, professional corporation, or family trust, BMO offers unique and customized interest rates that are more competitive than other banks’. Your Private Banker can offer you special products to give you higher rates of interest in certain circumstances that are not available at the retail bank level or online.

Offer customized borrowing solutions. As an experienced BMO lending specialist, your Private Banker can work with you to create a customized borrowing strategy, helping you choose the right solutions to access the funds you need and reach your immediate and long-term goals. They can also help you to secure financing through personal and professional holding companies, monetize investment holdings to free up cash, and fulfill other complex personal borrowing requirements.


Manage your deposits and provide other services. BMO Private Banking offers competitive deposit and investment products, business cash management services, as well as services that provide you with easy access to your money. Whether you need the latest in mobile apps to access your money, or cross-border solutions, your Private Banker can help.