Disciplined Investment Management


We believe that you will not find more astute investment execution anywhere in the county than you will experience with the passionate, experienced team of wealth management professionals and award-winning platform at BMO Private Wealth.
Your assets will be allocated geographically, implemented nationally, and actively managed by our centrally managed team of strategists at the top of the industry. This model sets us apart in the world of private investment counsel, in which investment selections are usually left to each counsellor and no one can offer the rigour of a dedicated team of experts.
We will identify your precise risk profile and customize your portfolio based on stock recommendations from top BMO strategists to create a customized, investment plan designed to adapt to external conditions and personal transitions. Then, the BMO Portfolio Management Group executes these security selections, relying on specialized external and internal managers.
Managing risk is more important than achieving returns. We do not aim to build you a fortune – our job is to protect your fortune by conserving capital through our very methodical, very intentional, tried and true process.
We will meet with you twice a year at least and more often according to your needs and preference. We will review your sons’ and daughters’ accounts usually once a year or at the end of each quarter, again depending on their needs and preference.
We have the technology to hold the majority of our meetings by video calls, but are also happy to meet in person too when preferred. We also offer the convenience of secure, digital document signing.

BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc. is one of Canada’s oldest and largest investment counselling firms. It is the investment arm of the BMO Private Banking group and manages over $30 billion in assets.