The investment world is big and too often it appears to be too complex for anyone to maintain in this field. That accounts for the nervousness felt by so many investors, given the decisions that have to be made and the objectives that have to be defined.

All investors share the goal of preparing for their future in a way that will enable them to enjoy their retirement with serenity and acquiring the financial means to support a phase of life that focuses on leisure and volunteer work as well as the capacity to deal with a major financial contingency.

My task is to listen carefully to clients and understand their needs and expectations. At that point, we have to identify their risk tolerance, knowledge of markets and the appropriate asset mix for their profile. The asset mix decision is often the most crucial and at the same time it may be the most difficult one they have to make. A good understanding of clients and an accurate identification of their expectations form the foundation of first-rate investor support.

To create such a foundation, I have developed expertise in different areas:

  • attentive listening ;

  • verbal and written communication that is open and sustained;

  • a personalized plan, whose basic tool is pension and cashflow analysis;

  • determining an investment policy adapted to individual needs;

  • protecting assets through advanced knowledge of professional management;

  • calling in highly specialized resources to support clients in protecting wealth for their heirs and providing appropriate estate planning.

  • Here are my specialties and what you are entitled to expect from our business relationship:

"Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a business experience and a first class financial framework that will give you peace of mind. The ongoing efforts of the whole team will enable every client to take advantage of a full range of tools and services tailored to meet their specific needs.”

BMO Nesbitt Burns

  • Limited wholly-owned subsidiary of BMO Bank of Montreal

  • One of Canada’s leading wealth management full-service investing firms

  • Recognized leader in personal finance

  • Top-ranked equity research team (* Please refer to the Brendan Wood report under the Publications tabs)

  • Customized approach to investing