I work on an in-depth basis with a capped number of high-net worth households.


Given the client segment that we serve, preserving capital is as important for us as growing capital. Our group evolved out of the pension space so we take an institutional approach to money management. We are quality growth investors, selecting securities with earnings that are sustainable throughout the economic cycle. We have additional tools and resources at our disposal that are designed to preserve capital while allowing for income yields higher than those of traditional deposit products.


We invest money purely on a discretionary basis, meaning that our clients authorize us to manage their money without their direct input for the individual securities that comprise the portfolio.


We also have best on the street financial planning services that are included with the Private Investment Counsel offering. We have a dedicated financial planner on staff who exclusively prepares and updates plans for our clientele. He is the face for a broader planning group that includes tax experts, will & estate experts, cross-border banking experts, among others.