There are two advantages to family philanthropy – the benefits that accrue to the community from the generosity of wealthy families and the value that accrues to the families themselves. No one would dispute that our hospitals, galleries, and social service programs could not provide the services that the public demands without significant donations from wealthy individuals and families. However, these organizations are not the only ones that benefit from the generosity of these donors. The donors are also beneficiaries, particularly when they are thoughtful and strategic in their approach to giving. 

BMO’s philanthropic advisors can serve as a guide on how to use your wealth to make a positive impact on organizations you care about. Our advisors work with you to design a long-term strategy that may significantly reduce your estate taxes and further the work of causes you support.

To learn more, here are a few publications to help structure your giving to enhance its value for the recipients, while also generating tax advantages for you and your family