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Wealth enables unique opportunities and advantages but at the same time includes complexity, responsibility and at times, conflict.

As a seasoned Investment Counsellor I actively manage the wealth of successful individuals and their families. While my focus and expertise is discretionary investment management, the benefits of wealth rarely come without complications and challenges.  This is why I spend time getting an in-depth understanding about what your wealth means to you – your priorities on family, work, lifestyle and money. Then, I assemble and coordinate an experienced team of wealth management professionals who can proactively guide you across a wide spectrum of estate, succession, tax, and philanthropic challenges. 

Ultimately, it is my goal to be the trusted advisor to you and your family and to make a meaningful difference thorugh the quality of investment management and thoughtful advice from me and my specialist advisory team. 

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At BMO Private Wealth, you are surrounded by a team of experts that understands your needs and can help you prepare for opportunities and safeguard against risks before they arise. This intuitive, proactive approach to wealth management is at the heart of our award-winning service.