Connecting you to customized wealth advice and solutions at BMO Private Wealth

By delivering exceptional personalized service, I develop relationships that are trusting, comfortable and long-lasting.

As a Private Banker at BMO Private Wealth, I advise professionals, business owners and executives on navigating intricate financial situations, and to structure complex transactions. I value guiding my clients to achieve their financial objectives, and to allow them to dedicate more time to the activities they value most.


I take time to listen and understand your circumstances, financial needs and goals – for today and the future. Then, I bring in a customized team of BMO Private Wealth professionals to offer unparalleled advice, service and convenience. From day-to-day to the most specialized needs, we take a holistic approach to design a customized, integrated wealth plan. I regularly revisit this plan so it adapts as you and your family transition throughout life.

Important Notices

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Key Resolutions for 2022

  • Is you Estate plan up to date?

    • Will, Powers of Attorney and Representation agreement

  • Obtain or update your BMO Estate Inventory Organizer that is available in "Publications" in this site

  • Ensure your Insurance planning still meets your needs

  • Ensure your RRSP contributions are up to date

Is your TFSA topped up?

If you’ve never opened a TFSA before, you can make a considerable contribution in 2022 – $81,500 total (provided you were at least 18 years old in 2009). Your total contribution is calculated as follows:

  • Your annual TFSA dollar limit (for 2022 this is $6,000)

  • Plus any unused TFSA contribution room since 2009

  • Plus any withdrawals made in the previous year

  • call to review your limits @ Tax Information Phone Service (TIPS) at 1-800-267-6999​, or go to MyCRA