Matthew Williams, CFA

Senior Investment Counsellor And Portfolio Manager

My professional world involves engaged client meetings, client strategy and investment management committee meetings, deepening market knowledge, as well as refining and reviewing investment and wealth planning strategies. Outside of work, I can be found hunting for the interesting, the challenging, and the unconventional.

I take great pleasure exploring cities, whether my own - Toronto, or one that I have decided to visit. A self-described flâneur, I enjoy sipping espresso in a small café, or seeking out lost treasures in the corners of record shops and bookstores. I am endlessly curious, interested in the past and the future, and how their connection continually impacts our lives.

The world is always evolving, transforming what great client service looks like and what 'solutions' we implment. The ever-changing global landscape affects the path and ability of individuals and families to achieve their goals.

I offer professional investment management expertise and advice to ensure that my clients achieve financial success. I guide clients through the intersection of very important (managing wealth), and very challenging (achievement). I simplify the process, filtering out the noise, to allow my clients peace of mind.

I joined BMO Private Investment Counsel in 2010. Since then, I have worked with a wide range of High and Ultra High Net Worth clients and strategies. I hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, am a member of CFA Society Toronto, and am proud of being bound by a fiduciary standard to clients and the financial industry.