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Business Advisory & Succession Planning

Who Will Buy My Business?

Once a business owner decides to start the process of selling his/her company, one of the first considerations is who will purchase the business. Each potential buyer will approach an acquisition opportunity with a different view of the business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In addition, the type and number of buyers interested in acquiring the same business may have a significant impact on its perceived value, and purchase price. Understanding the types of buyers and potential advantages and disadvantages of engaging with each, may help business owners determine their priorities when selling their business.

Estate & Succession Planning

Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan

This article discusses common digital asset considerations and important information for making sure they are properly addressed in your estate plan.

Estate Information Organizer

This is designed to help your family, executor (referred to as a “liquidator” in Quebec), or Power of Attorney for Property (referred to as a “mandatory” in Quebec) locate all of your important documents and other information needed to administer your estate or act as your Power of Attorney for Property

Economic and Market Updates

Global Equity Weekly

A look at what happened in the equity markets over the past week and an update on the earnings reports.

Education and Knowledge

Networth Newsletter

A quarterly publication written by BMO Subject Matter Experts on a variety of timely and relevant wealth management topics.

Registered Retirement Income Funds

A RRIF is very much like an RRSP in reverse. An RRSP is an account designed to help you save for retirement – a RRIF is an account designed to provide annual income in the form of withdrawals from a registered plan during your retirement. Click to read on about how you can benefit from an RRIF.