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How I work with you

Getting to know our clients is the foundation of our relationship.  The more that we share thoughts and ideas, over the years, the more confident we are that what we are doing makes a lot of sense, that it is truly appropriate.

A Personalized Investment Strategy

With the help of our discussions early in our relationship, we create an investment strategy that fits.  Your preferences, your experience, your comfort and your goals are valuable inputs, as we get started.  One reality is that our lives are not static.  Changes happen.  Our understanding changes.  As a result, the investment strategy's appropriateness is reviewed.

Valuable Investment Advice

What we do is discretionary investment management.  A personalized investment policy statement connects us to each of our clients.  That document reflects what we discussed.  Being a live document, this document will change as your circumstances evolve.

Each investment process within your diversified portfolio is managed by a dedicated team.   Each team is chosen for its proven success and is monitored continually so that we are comfortable that any given process's results are consistent with the investment environment.  Some teams are internal to BMO and others are external.  Our objective is to offer the best investment processes that we can to our clients.


A Focus On Achieving Your Goals

Early in our relationship, writing up a wealth plan is encouraged.  This takes into account your lifestyle goals, your estate plan, business succession, gifting intentions during your lifetime and charitable giving.  Such a plan becomes the financial road map for our clients.  It is also plays a role in judging the appropriateness of the investment policy.  The optimality of an investment portfolio is more than its risk and return properties.  It's more than just numbers.  It's about each investor.