About Me

Having seen many economic environments, social changes and evolving legislation, I know that everyone needs guidance in looking after their precious wealth. 

It's not only about investments.  We are all interested in keeping as much wealth as possible and in making sure that it does its job of looking after us for our lifetime, helping us navigate life's uncertainties, and in looking after our loved ones.  All of this requires us to feel comfortable with our trusted adviser, because our circumstances never sit still.  For many high networth individuals and families, I am that trusted person.  I consider myself to be the office down the hall: the first point of contact for my clients when something comes up.

I count myself very fortunate to be part of a diverse team of wealth management professionals in the areas of financial, estate, business succession, and philanthropic planning and, of course, business and personal banking.

Being well versed in investment management, I joined BMO Private Wealth in 2010.  I have undergraduate degree with honours in economics for Concordia University, an MBA from Queen's University, and am a Chartered Financial Analyst.