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Welcome to BMO Private Wealth and BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc., your source for knowledge, guidance, and a team of professionals dedicated to the wealth management of successful individuals and their families. 

Whether you have built up your wealth through consistently saving over the decades, from a successful business, or with the help of an inheritance, knowing how to look after that wealth effectively is the challenge.  As an Investment Counsellor at BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc., that is where I step in. 

Successfully addressing that challenge does not come by accident.  It requires us to discuss what is important to you: your priorities, your goals, your experiences, and what keeps you awake at night. From these discussions come a financial road map and an investment plan that is truly appropirate.  These concrete outputs are discussed every time that we meet and are enhanced as new information is discussed.

BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc., one of Canada’s most suceessful investment counselling firms, is the investment counselling arm of BMO Private Wealth and manages in excess of $30 billion in client assets. 
Our clients benefit from our award-winning discretionary investment management platform.  Behind this plarform are hundreds of individuals doing research and portfoliio construction with high networth indiviudals in mind.