Experienced and Collaborative Trust and Estate Services

At BMO Trust Company, we can help you take action on some of life’s most important financial matters and manage even the most challenging transitions while feeling confident and supported.
Complications and conflict often accompany significant wealth
As you grow wealthier, you may face increasingly complex wealth and estate needs, more dynamic relationships and diverse assets held across various geographies involving multiple generations.
We help you to manage these complexities and make some of the most emotionally charged decisions you’ll ever have to face – from caring for a loved one to planning and executing your multifaceted estate.
We are uniquely poised to help
With sensitivity and advocacy, we always look for ways to add value, remove complexity, address long-term objectives, improve your family’s overall wealth structure, and seek efficiencies to reduce cost.
Whether creating trusts and estates to safeguard your last wishes, preserve your wealth and transfer assets, or liaising with beneficiaries, managing property, or simply paying bills, we work together with partners across BMO Financial Group to simplify wealth’s inherent complications and craft professional, collaborative solutions to ensure your family is protected today and always.