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October 2022


Wealth Themes provides timely articles on a variety of wealth planning topics. This month we feature articles that focus on business owners, covering a variety of topics, from acquisition financing to succession planning, and how BMO can help when it comes to understanding your needs as a business owner.


  • Understanding Your Needs as a Business Owner

  • Acquisition Financing

  • Ensure Your Business is Always Exist Ready

  • Succession Planning is Key For Business Owners

  • Donation of Private Company Shares


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Family Governance - An Introduction

Families that have multi-generational intentions are often seeking information on how to create a legacy for
their wealth. They also have questions about how to get started with preparing and educating heirs for this
purpose. Each family situation is different, and there are best practices and specific family and enterprise
considerations that will guide the path forward. The uniqueness of each situation can include regional and
cultural differences around the globe. Family enterprises occur when all assets, such as business(es), financial
assets, philanthropy, and family are interconnected together through ownership and engagement. Read more here.