Estate Planning

For some, perhaps many, amassing wealth is actually a more comfortable undertaking than the planning and process involved in transitioning the wealth well. Planning that embraces both the quantitative aspects (legal, tax, insurance, financial) as well as the qualitative aspects (human, relational, development) is optimum. Have you considered what to include in your estate plan?


Estate Planning for Women: Why it should be on your to-do list

Women find themselves in a different situation today than they did fifty years ago, a time when it was assumed that women couldn’t and shouldn’t be in charge of financial decisions. Today, estate planning is as critical as financial planning for women. Documenting those wishes in an estate plan with a qualified legal professional is critical, no matter who you are and what you own. That’s why it’s important that you don’t put off this important exercise until it’s too late.

At BMO Private Wealth we understand women’s particular needs and concerns and we’re available to help you realize your financial goals, safeguard your assets and protect the ones you love.Read more about estate planning for women here.