About Bruce

Bruce Macartney, CFA, CFP, BA (Econ)

Senior Investment Counsellor

Bruce has over 30 years’ experience in providing investment and wealth management services. In this role he works with our most significant clients in designing and managing investment portfolios that reflect the clients’ unique goals and values. In advising his client families, Bruce is supported by an in-house team of professionals that includes senior private bankers, trust officers, insurance specialists, and wealth/tax/philanthropic planners.

From 2001 to 2013, Bruce led the BMO Private Banking BC Investment management team while also personally acting as an Investment Counsellor to several high net worth families in the Vancouver area.

Prior to joining BMO Private Banking in 2001, Bruce was a Senior Portfolio Manager with major national investment counseling firm where he actively managed the largest client relationship in Western Canada. While his expertise is investment management, he also has extensive experience in commercial and corporate finance.

Bruce is an active member of the Vancouver CFA Society, Vancouver Board of Trade and the CFA Institute.

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