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Estate Complexity – Agent for Executor Tool
Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Corporate Executor
Executor's Task List
Appointing a Corporate Executor
Support for Executors
Some ramifications of appointing an executor who is a non–resident of Canada
About Estate Planning & Strategies
Estate Planning for Blended Families (July 2021)
Different Ownership Structures for Real Estate Investment Property (May 2021)
Death of a Spouse or Common-law Partner (March 2021)
An Ounce of Prevention - Keep Your Business Agreements Current to Ease Estate Surprises (2020)
Pros & Cons of Owning Property – Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship (2020)
Designating Beneficiaries –Tax–Free Savings Accounts (2020)
Designating Beneficiaries – Life Insurance Policies and Registered Plans​​ (2020) 
Estate Planning for Digital Assets (May 2021)
The Days of Wine and Roses...and Prenups
Estate Planning for Physicians
Planning for the Family Vacation Property (July 2021)

Probate Planning
United We Stand: Planning by Spouses
About POAs & Wills
Wills That Work (May 2021)
A Guide to Granting Powers of Attorney
The Mighty Power of Attorney for Property
The Consequences of Dying Without a Will (March 2021)     

About Trusts

Informal or “In-trust” Accounts – Friend or Foe (August 2021)
“Letter of Wishes” for Wills and Discretionary Trusts (2020)
Life Insurance Trusts: The Whys and Whens (2020)
Estate Planning For Spouses and Children Using Testamentary Trusts (2020)
Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trust  
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