BMO Trust Company Trust & Estate Services

We are experienced, compassionate professionals who can help you take action on some of life’s most important financial matters and manage even the most challenging transitions while feeling confident and supported.

Estate Planning & Administration
Services involve:

  • Comprehensive planning to transition wealth to loved ones, friends or charities

  • Fiduciary expertise to administer trusts professionally and objectively

  • Asset protection and tax strategies to help maximize a family’s wealth over time

  • Guidance on managing assets and family members in more than one jurisdiction

  • Strategies to reduce the effect of probate

Specialized Estate & Trust Services
As increasingly affluent families transition wealth to second and third generations, we provide compassionate guidance, proven skills and experience in delivering:

  • Attorney for Property, Executor, Trustee, or Court Appointed Representative services

  • Agent services to provide support to individuals acting in a fiduciary capacity

  • Estate planning that addresses all of your priorities

  • Living, Family and Testamentary Trust services for your family and family business

  • Tax efficient strategies that make a measurable impact and involve your entire family through donations, private foundations and the BMO Charitable Giving Program

  • Assistance with cross-border complexities to help you to manage US and international properties. Rely on our deep experience, relationships with trusted legal and accounting specialists, and networks of connections at BMO Financial Group.

  • enCircle concierge services to fully manage you or your family’s personal and financial responsibilities (e.g., bill payments, investment management, consolidated statements)

Estate litigation
Estate litigation is becoming more prevalent as families get wealthier and more complex and our population ages. Wills and family members’ actions are being challenged in court, causing turmoil. As a corporate fiduciary, BMO Trust Company can become a valuable resource as your court-appointed trustee to objectively administer estates during litigation disputes.
Wealth management services
Planning with a team of experts, BMO Private Wealth offers award-winning wealth management services dedicated to helping affluent families with all aspects of your wealth needs, now and into the future. These include disciplined investment management, complete wealth planning to help your family achieve your long-term goals, and banking and borrowing solutions through BMO Private Banking and BMO Business Banking.
Complications and conflict often accompany significant wealth
As Canadian families grow wealthier, they are facing increasingly complex wealth and estate needs that must address more dynamic relationships and diverse assets held across various geographies involving multiple generations.
We help affluent families to manage these complexities and make some of the most emotionally charged decisions you’ll ever have to face – from caring for a loved one to planning and executing your multifaceted estate.
How we are uniquely poised to help
With sensitivity and advocacy, we distinguish ourselves by always looking for ways to add value, remove complexity, address long-term objectives, improve your family’s overall wealth structure, and seek efficiencies to reduce fees.
Whether creating trusts and estates to safeguard your last wishes, preserve your wealth, transfer assets, liaising with beneficiaries, managing property, or simply paying bills, we work together with partners across BMO Financial Group to simplify wealth’s inherent complications and craft professional, collaborative solutions to ensure your family is protected today and always.
The people and partnerships at BMO Trust Company set us apart from other trust companies. We have broken down business line silos to work closely with specialized internal professionals across BMO Financial Group to put the right people in front of your family.
Based on your family’s unique needs and objectives, and according to your deeply held priorities and values, we use a highly personalized approach that can deliver:

  • Family/testamentary trust services

  • Investment management

  • Estate administration

  • Insurance solutions

  • Estate planning

  • Philanthropic strategies

  • Estate & Power of Attorney for Property litigation support

  • Concierge services