Executor Services

Have you been appointed as an Executor or Trustee?

If so, you may be concerned about the time commitment, scope of responsibility, or personal liability that may be involved in this enormous task. Or you may find the responsibility too challenging or time-consuming. I can simplify your life by introducing you to the right professional at BMO Trust Company to act as your Agent to help you fulfill your estate administration duties and provide professional advice and direction.

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Thinking of appointing an Executor or Trustee?

When considering who to appoint as executor, I suggest you choose someone who has considerable business/financial knowledge, accessibility, fairness, integrity, and emotional stability plus the time to devote to the complexities of estate administration. Instead of appointing a family member or friend for this important responsibility, consider appointing BMO Trust Company to provide Executor services. Ask me about the benefits.

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Considering a corporate executor?

We will work with you to create an estate plan that names BMO Trust Company as your executor and distributes your assets according to your wishes.
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