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BMO Private Wealth
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Collaborative Partnerships

Through my collaborative partnerships with the Trust Officers at BMO Trust Company as well as Private Bankers and wealth specialists at BMO Private Wealth in your area, I can:
  • Decode trust and estate planning for you and create holistic, tailored and Collcomprehensive solutions to prepare you, your family and your assets for a seamless wealth transfer. I will:
    • Perform a discovery process to understand your goals, wishes, family dynamics and concerns. I will also examine your estate, executor, will structure, beneficiaries, jointly held real estate, and other property.
    • Create solutions that will fulfill your objectives and maintain harmony with your loved ones.
    • Help you define and articulate your needs and provide expert advice to help you understand what kind of trust would be most suitable.
    • Advise on all aspects of fiduciary responsibility to ensure you understand and plan properly for your estate or incapacity.
    • Ensure you are informed about all the available options and services.
  • Refer you to a trusted, local BMO Trust Officer, lawyer, investment manager, Private Banker, tax planner, wealth planner, business succession advisor, insurance specialist, and/or philanthropy expert who can best assist you with customized services.
    • I will work with these partners to ensure your estate is administered properly and without conflict for your loved ones.
    • I will also help you focus on taking the necessary steps to get your financial affairs in good order and follow up to make sure you take important actions.
  • Provide advice on arranging Powers of Attorney to assure your family’s continued financial support and minimize stress in the event you should become incapacitated.
  • Ensure you and your family have a capable Executor and Trustee that can fulfill the required duties to protect your estate and maintain family harmony.
  • Assist Executors or Trustees who are dealing with fiduciary responsibilities on your family’s behalf.