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Planning and Reducing Your Taxes

Tax Planning

Canadian Snowbirds and US Income Tax

If you plan to spend your winters in the U.S., you should be concerned with more than just ensuring your passport is up-to-date and that your bags are packed. Snowbirds – Canadian residents who spend part of each year in the United States – need to be aware of the potential liability to pay U.S. income tax on the same basis as a permanent U.S. resident

2021 Wealth Planning Facts and Figures

A handy two-pager with all of the relevant rates, withdrawal schedules, contribution limits, etc, for 2021

A Guide To The Principal Residence Exemption

A comprehensive guide to one of the most important tax breaks offered to Canadians

2022 Personal Tax Calendar

While most Canadians are aware of the April 30 personal income tax filing deadline, there are other important tax deadlines that must be observed over the course of the year – especially if you want to take advantage of certain tax deductions and credits. This calendar summarizes several important dates on the tax calendar and offers some tips to help you with your overall wealth planning. Where a deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”), the deadline is generally extended to the next business day.

Claiming Home Office Expenses on Your Personal Income Tax Return

This publication briefly outlines the two methods for employees claiming 2020 home office expenses.

Income Splitting with a Prescribed Rate Loan

Prescribed rate loans are a popular strategy for shifting investment income from someone in a higher marginal tax rate to someone in a lower marginal tax rate. Learn more...