Rigorous, disciplined wealth management.

Trusted, meticulous service.

I have the pleasure and privilege of advising affluent and ultra-affluent clients to help them manage their assets proactively, maximize their lifestyles today, and build their legacies for future generations.

Known for my prudence, integrity and diligence, my focus is on families, client relationships that span generations, and my rigorous institutional approach. I tailor discretionary investment portfolios and complex wealth management solutions to help retirees, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, medical professionals, athletes, and their families to enjoy and simplify their wealth.


My unique strength is combining both:

Quantitative skills to understand and apply a structured, regulated institutional investment style similar to that used by large pension funds and endowments. I strive to minimize risk, maximize long-term growth, and fully capitalize on the firm’s broad-based research and portfolio management resources.

Qualitative skills, because money is personal and emotional – I help clients keep their emotions in check and stay on an even keel. My highly structured process provides guidance through the unknown, minimizes uncertainty, and brings clients the comfort of knowing they are on track to achieve their goals. With an authentic and caring approach, I have a strong track record of building trust early in my relationships.


Many services under one umbrella

Portfolio management is just one part of the enormous scope of value I can offer you. Your investments are simply the fuel that powers your vision and life goals. I will follow a holistic process, engage sophisticated wealth specialists and bankers across BMO Private Wealth, and integrate their advice seamlessly to help you reach your unique targets.